Code Outsourcing - fast and professional

… almost like inhouse

We get into the game when your resources reach their limits and you don’t want to compromise on quality.

We will code your designs for a fixed price – HTML, CSS and templates for CMS, online shops, newsletters and apps. Premium quality guaranteed delivery in a few word days. How can we do that?

  • More than 1,000 successfully completed web projects in the past five years
  • Established project and development processes
  • Thorough quality assurance workflow

But we know:

Codingpeople explained

Good code by itself is not enough

  • We think ahead. Our know-how is a resource that we like to share with our clients. We don’t just process orders, but ask the right questions when necessary. So your product fits like a glove.
  • We are discreet. NDAs are a prerequisite for our business. Customer protection clause and 100% confidentiality are standard. Your clients will never know we exist.
  • We work methodically. Our well-proven and reliable order and implementation process is the base for consistently high quality. Due to status update emails and your customer area, your project and all communication remain transparent to you.

Quality starts in the mind

Here at Codingpeople you’ll find young UI talents and experienced IT veterans, who founded this innovative business in 2009. The idea: Provide a pragmatic workflow to implement HTML code and CSS rules from any given design files. Focus on short communication lines and fast response times while keeping an industry level quality standard.

Your personal project manager coordinates the development resources and keeps you up-to-date with any project progress. You brief us one time and reach everybody who is involved.

In the background we provide integrated teams of technical project managers and framework, CMS or shop application specialized developers. They are our architecture and implementation experts, standards and technology savvy, and ready to implement your designs in brief periods of time.

Highest efficiency, finest diligence

One fixed price - everything inclusive! Project management, complete frontend development and, if your project requires, system architects and system developers. Our experience, streamlined development process and refined resource allocation turn right into your costs savings.

Visit our product configurator or request an individual quote based on your designs. Any questions? Give us a call at    +49 – 30 - 609 8855 60 or send us an email.

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