Special Features

Looking for something special? Thanks to jQuery’s elaborate programming foundation there are hundreds of slider variations. We present some interesting specimen:


Modern Slide In is a fixed horizontal slider with parallax transitions. Interesting: The package includes a layered PSD and PNG file for easy image/slides compositions. At 7 KB it is moderately sized.


Tiny Circleslider looks like a bullseye where the screws represent the slides navigation.



Slider with many presentation options and navigation themes – AnythingSlider



PgwSlider presents its thumbnails vertically. There are not many options besides the automatic slideshow, adaptive height and timing settings. With 2 KB its very lightweight though.



Extremely wide image, e.g. panorama photos from your smartphone, are stretched over the full screen’s width, the mouse can be used to shift the image left and right.


You don’t need jQuery to implement sliders and carousels. The functionality of alternative solutions might be a bit limited, and, depending on the technology, the integration can be easier or more complex.

Creating a simple HTML/CSS/JavaScript package to present clickable image streaks is no witchcraft. It’s getting more interesting if one adds current technologies to render the result more flexible or more beautiful. The Das Pure CSS Carousel is a slider that works entirely without client scripting like JavaScript or any of the libraries or frameworks. Thanks to CSS3 –, embedded animations take care of moving the slides.

If you allow the use of JavaScript, the available slider options are endless. Integration might not always be nontrivial, but Codingpeole will gladly support you.


Relatively current browser version are necessary for a pure CSS slider implementation



JavaScript Image Slider : Fully featured, and even without jQuery


Many years multimedia presentation was the domain of Macromedia/Adobe Flash. Flash carousels and sliders do still exist in 2014, but their usage has dramatically decreased with the modern features of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Don’t forget that search engines still won’t index flash movies and even slideshows contain meaningful content that you would like to find again in Google’s search index.


Flash sliders like flShow can have beautiful presentation effects, but the image content is hidden from Google



At Codingpeople we prefer sliders with flexible configuration to cover any possible requirements changes that might arise later in the development phase.

If you found your favorite slider in this post or are still hunting after the perfect product for your special design, we gladly help you with the integration into your platform. Collect the requirements for your slider and contact us with your ideas. We will implement your carousel in a couple of work days.