HTML5 Template

W3C-compliant Markup and modern CSS

We create your individual HTML5 template based on your designs.

  • Semantic, search engine optimized, W3C validated HTML and CSS
  • Mobile Ready, Fluid, Adaptive or Responsive Design
  • Optional CSS frameworks: 960 Grid, YAML, Blueprint, YUI, Bootstrap
  • Optional use of Less or Sass
  • Optional JavaScript libraries: jQuery, Prototype, MooTools
  • Optional font technology: @font-face, Cufon, SIFR
  • By request: Structured data through schemas and microformats

We produce high quality HTML code and CSS rules and will gladly install additional JavaScript libraries or CSS frameworks so you can maintain and expand your website in the future.


HTML5 Template

from 219 €

Many configuration options: E.g. Responsive Design, Boilerplate, Bootstrap, WCAG

Our HTML Coding Standards

  • Proper separation of content (HTML) and design (CSS)
  • Clean declaration of character encoding and integration of meta tags
  • Proper use of HTML semantics (list elements, data tables, avoiding <div>, optional: New tags like <header>, <nav>, <section>, <article>, <aside>, <video>, <figure>)
  • CSS reset and font normalization for browser compatibility
  • Best practice arrangements of CSS classes, pseudo classes, ID elements and media queries

Good Reasons for Codingpeople

We maintain highest standards towards HTML and CSS quality and are aware of all best practices due to our high project turnover and our long-standing coding experience.

Your advantage: Personal project support and consultation for choosing additional libraries, frameworks or technologies to future-proof your website. You save your resources for integration and implementation.
Cost savings and fixed price guarantee. No variable or license costs. 100% Money Back Guarantee.

About HTML5

short note

HTML5 is the new internet markup standard since the end of 2012, its innovative new semantic tags allow you to program your site even more search engine friendly. Combined with clever CSS3 techniques your contents can be displayed perfectly on smartphones and tablets without losing older browsers' compatibility.

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